Audio Production

The equipment we use differs for almost every project. This section deals with pure audio, rather than capturing sound for video projects which uses different techniques.

We treat mobile and fixed studio work in the same way to keep things simple.

Recording environment
We have a sound-deadened 'garage' studio (as opposed to sound-proofed). This can accommodate a couple of musicians and is equipped with four guitar / bass amps. When mobile we prefer to record in a fairly acoustically dead environment such as outdoors or a marquee as sound reflections off walls / glass are difficult to deal with in post production.

Sound capture
We use as many recording tracks as necessary for the job in hand, and that determines the equipment we use. We always record in PCM (WAV files) at a high bit rate. We have a comprehensive range of microphones and DI capabilities, with associated hardware.

Our preferred method of recording however is directly off someone else's sound desk. Most modern desks have multitrack outputs via a USB link which we can connect directly into our preferred DAW of the day (currently Logic Pro). Many desks also have the ability to capture multitrack sound onto a USB drive or stick, which we can then copy for later post-production. On older desks we can grab as many tracks as possible off the aux busses if they are not being used for something else, but this requires effort from the sound engineers that they often haven't got time.

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