Audio Equipment Inventory

Listed below is the equipment that we use for sound recording, some of which is also used in video production. This is not a complete list but includes everything not used for a single dedicated purpose (such as a TV sound EQ or computer interfaces).

Vocal mic's:-
- 1 x Shure SM58 wired
- 1 x Shure Beta 58 radio mic'
- 1 x Shure ???
- 1 x Sennheiser ??? Radio mic'

Instrument / General Purpose mic's:-
- 5 x ?? (Phantom powered)
- 4 x ?? (Dynamic)

Specialist mic's:-
- Rode ?? Shotgun (phantom or battery powered)
- Rode smartphone mic' (equipment powered)
- Behringer C1 condenser mic' (phantom powered)
- Sony stereo condenser mic' (battery powered)
- Stereo lapel / line radio interface (as used on wireless camera links)

- Behringer 16 channel (16 - 2ch USB plus multiple busses)
- Yamaha 8 channel (8 - 2ch USB plus 4ch busses)
- Focusrite Scarlett 18i24 digital audio interface

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
The primary DAW is Apple's Logic ProX which is used with a Behringer control surface. In video post production we use Fairlight, which is built into DaVinci Resolve video editing software. With this we also use the Behringer, however we also have a PreSonus Faderport single channel control surface for simpler edits.

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