Audio Production

What we do:-

1) We record live concerts. The simplest method that we use is to either copy a USB stick recording from the sound-desk or attach a USB lead and 'grab' the multitracks as they are received from the stage. Most modern digital desks can provide suitable outputs and recording capabilities. Alternatively we take a stereo aux feed from the desk and connect it to an audio recorder. The down-side of this is that most concerts are mixed for mono which is sent to the PA - stereo is not often used except for effects.

We record smaller studio events. We can record 8 channel multitrack via a very high quality audio interface, plus as many other channels (including MIDI) that can be interfaced into our Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). We have a comprehensive range of microphones with associated hardware to capture most things. Also see video production.

3) Public address. We can mix up to 16 channels into 2 and output these to a small PA amplifier and stereo passive 'speakers, or a single more powerful active 'speaker. We can play audio files stored on SD / USB / CD and provide a single radio microphone and single wireless instrument connection suitable for solo artists. This set-up is designed for small parties and conferences, or to feed a much larger audio system providing incidental background for larger events. For performances we have some foldback 'speakers.

. Studio space. We have a small sound deadened studio suitable for one or two performers. This is equipped with four guitar amplifiers (bass, stereo acoustic and two x electric) plus anything else we care to put in there. Note that this studio is not sound-proof so we have to consider the neighbours.



- As with any gig we need to know the layout and power connections. We require standard 13amp mains into our distribution equipment.

- Connections to a sound-desk will be multitrack digital audio over USB2 (Apple or Microsoft standard formats), or Jack / XLR leads for analogue audio.


The bottom line is that we can record most things and provide sound for small events. The equipment we use will be determined by each project's requirements. To date most of our work has been either multitrack audio mixing or video soundtracks, with music for the occasional party.

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