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Cudham Craic Winter Shindig (Music videos)
Hamlet (or what thou wilt!) (Web series)
Knockstock 2019 (Music videos)
Dear Chocolate Soldier (Promo video)
Richard II (Film)
Cudham Craic summer festival 2018 (Music videos)

Cudham Craic Winter Shindig
The Blacksmith's Arms
23 November 2019

Cameras: GoPro, iPhoneXS, Samsung Galaxy
Audio: Sony PCM from desk
Edit: DaVinci Resolve
Promo video
performed by Lovin' the 90s

Hamlet, or what thou wilt!
Web Series
Filmed during 2019

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Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Sony DSL, iPhoneXS, Nikon D5300
Audio: Direct to cameras, Sony PCM
Edit: Final Cut ProX
Knockstock 2019

Cameras: Sony DSL, iPhoneXS,
Audio: Sony PCM from desk
Edit: Final Cut ProX

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Dear Chocolate Soldier
St Hugh's College, Oxford
06 April 2019

Cameras: iPhoneXS, iPhone6, GoPro Hero5
Audio: Sony stereo mic into the GoPro
Edit: Final Cut ProX
Richard II
Filmed during 2018

Cameras: Nikon DS5300
Audio: Various mic's into the camera
Edit: Final Cut ProX
Cudham Craic summer festival
The Blacksmith's Arms
28-29 July 2018

Cameras: Zoom H3, GoPro Hero5
Audio: Camera mic's, Sony stereo mic'
Edit: Final Cut ProX

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