Our recently published videos


Winter 2020 - 2021
November 2019
Lockdown walks around Sevenoaks
Cudham Craic Winter Shindig (Music videos)

These do not include video content 'ripped' during 2020 from other peoples' productions. Those are not ours to publish and we mainly created sample videos as promotional material for other people, and also to demonstrate what we can do.

Lock-down walks in and around Sevenoaks

Cameras: GoPro Hero 5 Black and iPhone XS
Audio: Cameras and Wotja (for soundtrack ambience)
Edit: Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve

The GoPro is usually fixed to my alpine walking stick and the iPhone is in my pocket. On occasions I may have used a powered camera stabiliser but that is usually too cumbersome to take out on a walk. Filming must be secondary to enjoying the outdoors.

If no video shows then it either hasn't been filmed yet, or hasn't been edited. These things take time.

Descriptions of the routes are linked to the titles, or will be published in due course.
Greatness quarry towards Otford

Around the town

Towards Dry Hill and the Montreal Park Estate

Cudham Craic - Winter Shindig
23 November 2019

Cameras: GoPro, iPhoneXS, Samsung Galaxy
Audio: Sony PCM from desk
Edit: DaVinci Resolve
Promo video
performed by Lovin' the 90s

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