Stage Lighting and Effects

What we do:-

1). We install and operate stage lighting at small to medium sized events. This mainly comprises of coloured lighting and simple effects from our own portfolio, providing stage illumination and simple light shows indoors, outside, night or day.

2). We also install and operate centrally controlled
house lighting at these events, including task lighting for use during rigging and changeovers, and in peripheral areas such as walkways and in the ‘green room’.

3). We provide all the necessary power distribution and control
infrastructure to enable 1&2 above

4). We make audio and video
recordings for our records and any future promotional purposes. We can incorporate other people’s recordings (if asked) during post-production

5). We will assist with
technical support in all aspects of planning and operation of these events

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- Dedicated, reliable and stable power supplies must be available

  • We require a 16amp mains feed (230v AC single phase) for lighting if using our fixtures, and more current may be necessary if using additional hired equipment.
  • We need access to a standard UK mains supply for our UPS that in turn feeds our control equipment
- 50mm stage trusses, or a suitable equivalent must be available for rigging above-ground fixtures
- Suitable ladders, scaffolding or lifts must be provided where needed to safely access overhead rigging

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