Post Production

What we do:-

We can turn any audio / video content into a fully produced end-product and publish in a variety of industry standard formats. Specifically:-

Video: We can import all but the most esoteric file formats into our post production suite and edit, then export to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube. We can also publish to our own video server.

We can synchronise camera shots with audio from a different source and seamlessly switch between cameras as required. We can also create effects such as picture-in-picture, or split screen from more than one camera.

We can enhance soundtracks with a portfolio of folio sounds, or create our own

Audio: We mix multitrack recordings and publish onto whatever format and media that is required.



- When providing video files from multiple cameras, and possibly audio from another capture device, it is essential that at least one camera from each scene has a track that can be used for audio synchronisation. An alternative is to use timecode on all sources which is rarely possible.

- All tracks within a multitrack container must be pre-synchronised. This would normally happen when capturing from a single source, but if more than one recorder is used there must be one common track to use for synchronisation. A percussive track is a good option.


Our default editing tools are DaVinci Resolve (Blackmagic), Final Cut Pro (Apple), Logic Pro (Apple) and parts of Creative Suite (Adobe). For web publication we use Rapidweaver and CyberDuck. These run on a high specification computer with external graphics processing, multiple high resolution screens and external control surfaces (Behringer and Contour).

We do not collect, store or share any information about visitors to our website. Any request from this website to a third party will be made anonymously. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.