Research and Development

We are never completely happy with what can be bought off-the-shelf and always want to push the boundaries. That said, we are not in the habit of re-inventing the wheel, and are well aware that many commercial offerings are actually cheaper than something we could make for ourselves (all costs considered). So we use building blocks rather than going back to basics. Below is where our interests lie at the moment.

LED Video / stage lighting
Problem:- There are four distinct markets that are served separately with little overlap (probably for very good commercial reasons). 1). Domestic. 2) Industrial. 3). Stage / theatre and 4). Film. Each have different priorities and critical requirements.

Objectives:- To break down LED lighting into its component functional blocks and find a way of providing DMX controllable lighting that is suitable for combined film and stage use at an affordable price. This is not intended to compete with generic DMX controlled RGB fixtures as we couldn't match their price, but they all tend to be fairly wide beam and rarely waterproof. We are aiming at the narrow beam outside lighting sector as needed for front of stage illumination.

Components:- …appear to be 1) Conversion of DMX into PWM controlled power. 2). Find LED fixtures that can be PWM controlled without modification, and 3). Use the PWM signal to drive the fixtures.

Method:- We are looking at using 12v automotive lights because they tend to have a narrow and distinct beam pattern and are fan-less. We plan to control them via commercially available DMX > PWM drivers (as sold as coloured ribbon light controllers) modified to handle the wattages needed. A 12v battery / charger combination should provide a stable supply, with a 12-5v converter to supply other control components such as wireless DMX receivers. It should be possible to have a single supply feeding a bank of lights remotely.

Watch this space.

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