Lighting and effects
More about what we do

What we are good at is providing effective stage illumination so the audience can see what is going on, and a simple light show to enhance their overall experience. If we know 'the script' then we know when to make dramatic things happen (such as stage blinders, blackouts or solo lights), otherwise we keep things very simple and let the performers do what they do best - entertain the audience.

We don't do complex light shows
such as the sophisticated moving displays you might have seen at '90s stadium gigs or at west-end shows. We leave that to the professionals. We have found by past experience that unless you really understand how complex moving lights and lasers will complement the specific performances you have been asked to support, and you also have plenty of time to test out your programs prior to the event then you will probably never achieve a truly professional show to be proud of. To get the best out of complex fixtures in our view the light show has to be:-

a) step-sequenced and synchronised with a scripted performance (as in theatre) - and
b) extremely well rehearsed with the performers.

The gigs we get involved in never offer those opportunities.

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