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Published audio recordings - Links go to music players

After the Fire (Mottingham, South London - 1976). [1]
Big River. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
Five to the Bar. (Cudham, Kent - 2013). [2]
Hobo and the Hippies. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
JessC (Jess Corrigan). (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
Julio JAK. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
Keith and John. (Stonelowe Farm, Derbyshire - 1996). [1]
Laurance, Rob. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
Ripchord. (Dartford, Kent - 2005). [3,2]
Tumbling' Dice. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]
The Who Are We. (Knockholt, Kent - 2017). [2]

1 = Cassette
2 = Multitrack
3 = Minidisk


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Audio recordings made but awaiting publication

The Beatniks. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
The Bob Dylan Experience (Ascape Studios, Bromley)
Captain Patch and the Mermaid Mollies. (Cudham, Kent - 2013 and 2018)
Firefly! (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Four Femmes on the Thames. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Jellyhead (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
The Kristian Baker Band. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
The Phoenix Brothers. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Raqsonic. (Cudham, Kent - 2012)
Relics. (Cudham, Kent - 2012)
Ricky and the Hats. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Scarlett Rae. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Shane Hampsheir and the Mike Richards Big Band. (Cudham, Kent - 2013 and 2018)
Stone Thief. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Unison Benz. (Longfield, Kent - )
Violet Jive. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Whisper. (Marlowe Rooms, Sidcup - circa 1976)
Wicked Sister. (Cudham, Kent - 2013)
Soundtrack from Knockstock 2019


Associated history:- recordings not necessarily made by us

Smouldering Plimsole and friends
Still Thinking

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Music videos - Links go to YouTube or LBS server (*)

The Bob Dylan Experience (Ascape Studios)*
Unison Benz (Railway Tavern)*
Cudham Craic 2012 montage
Cudham Craic 2013 - Facebook extracts
Knockstock 2017 - Facebook extracts
Cudham Craic 2018 montages
- Saturday
- Sunday
Knockstock 2019 montage
- The Dylan Band - 'My Back Pages'

Films and plays - Links go to YouTube or Vimeo

A Throne of Shadows -
- Richard II (First full length film)
- Hamlet Episodes 1. 2. 3
Dear Chocolate Soldier - (Promo video from the live theatre performance)
Fool's Gold (Short film made on an iPhone XS)
Lockdown. (Short film in production - March 2020)

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