Video Production

Video production involves capturing video via a camera(s) and associated sound, directly onto the video soundtrack, and optionally onto a separate audio recording to be mixed and synchronised in post production. Because video camera microphones are not often that good, and usually positioned in the wrong place for good recordings we like to use external microphones and sound sources.

We have a small studio that can be (nearly) blacked out with adequate room for small scale productions. We have a range of scenery flats, lighting and visual foldback in this recording environment, or we can operate mobile with battery powered portable equipment.

Video capture
We have a choice of cameras that can record from 24fps HD up to 60fps 4K video. All can be battery operated, remote controlled, and we can mount them on a range of stabilisation hardware.

Sound capture
We always record onto the camera sound track so that any supplementary audio tracks can be synchronised via audio waveform. Where good camera sound is required, as opposed to just a sync track, we use specialist video microphones. These can be linked to the camera via radio or wired from a mixer.

At live music events we try to get a direct feed from the mixing desk and either transmit this directly to the camera, or record it separately and sync it later.

Our lighting for film work is specifically designed for the task, in that dimming does not adversely affect colour temperature or cause interference with the camera shutter speed or frame rate. They also do not make any significant noise that might be picked up in the audio recording.

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