Video Production

What we do:-

1) We video live events. One of our key objectives is to get a video production published as soon as possible after an event, giving us time to work on a more pollished version that can be used for promotional material later (at our leisure). To this end we like to have the soundtrack pre-mixed and recorded along with the video, both in very high quality.

We make films. We have small studio spaces that can be (nearly) blacked out, with one having just enough space for small scale productions. In these we can have a range of scenery backdrops, lighting, and if required, visual foldback. We can also film on location with battery powered portable equipment.

3) We record high quality soundtracks. When making films we like to record sound on multiple tracks using highly directional microphones for dialogue, and wide angle stereo (or surround) for ambience. Where possible we like to capture audio directly from a sound desk, and in a theatre environment we can 'wire the stage for sound'.

We support broadcasts, both live performances and video conferencing. The technical differences are minimal, but the way they are directed is hugely different. That is not our problem apart from operating the console under direction.

We design, supply and operate video lighting and special effects using specialist video and photographic fixtures supplemented by a sub-set of our stage lighting. Most can be controlled, or at least switched remotely from one of our lighting consoles. All the fixtures we use for video are near-silent and camera compatible, in that they have a high colour index (cri) and don't cause video banding*

We provide technical support in all aspects of planning, design and operations



- We should be involved as early as possible in the planning process for live events. We need to know as a minimum:

  • The layout of the venue and where cameras can be located
  • Audience positions
  • Power supply positions and type
  • Scripts and playlists in advance are a nice-to-have, but in most cases not essential.

- We must be allotted sufficient time and space to rig a set with tripods, moving heads, safe cabling etc. It is often best if our on / near-stage kit is installed before anything else so that it can be made safe and hidden.

- For broadcasting we need connection to suitable high-speed internet and access to all the codes and permissions to transmit onto the chosen streaming service. Ideally we would feed audio and video into the client's hardware mixers and encoders and not have responsibility beyond the A/V/Lighting equipment. If not we will use software (OBS) as we don't own the necessary broadcast (hardware) equipment.


(*) The dimmers used by some of our fixtures have a pulse frequency of multiples of 50Hz (mains frequency) so require a video frame rate of 25 or 50fps to avoid banding or similar unwanted effects. Most have either very high frequency pulse width modulation (pwm) or are constantly on.

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