at GSK S&S club, Dartford


Keith and Kate hired Ripchord to play at a private party in 2005. The band played two sets, the first was acoustic with only David and Ross, the second being electric with the full band. It was not the first time we had used this venue and we should have known better. The stage lights didn't work despite me being promised otherwise, only one power socket worked on the stage, and the acoustics were terrible. Ripchord however did a cracking set comprising of their own compositions.

Recording notes

I had an early digital recorder attached to the PA for piped music at this party, and when David and Ross went on stage I switched it to record. In the second (electric) set not all the instruments were mic'd through the PA as is typical at a small venue, so any recording would have been useless. However, for completeness and to give an example of how good Ripchord were I have included three commercial tracks taken from promo material.

The lack of lighting and the recording problems mentioned above were far too common and my frustration with it became the catalyst for the regeneration of Ladybird Studios. We bought some stage lighting and proper multitrack recording capabilities. It still took several more outings for some bands (no matter how good they are) to realise that a good show is more than a few scruffy guys playing their hearts out to the best of their ability, in the dark, with unbalanced sound. That is how it used to be and what we are trying to change.

  1. Acoustic 1
  2. Acoustic 2
  3. Acoustic 3
  4. Acoustic 4
  5. Acoustic 5
  6. Be safe
  7. Wasted Away (Live)
  8. The Quibble

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