A Night to Remember at Stonelowe Farm
(Or Party in the Park)


On August Bank Holiday in 1996 Keith Balderson and John Kernaghan hosted a birthday party for a young lady friend of ours. This was at Stonelowe Farm in the Peak District National Park. It was at a time when we both had been through a long break from playing live music on stage and it was time to get back into it. It was also when MIDI sequencers and DAWs were first becoming mainstream and domestic digital recording was in its infancy, so we wanted to see what they offered.

We practiced for months (opportunities were scarce) and eventually got a set together that we could perform live, albeit with the help of the new technology. In hindsight playing live without machines is easier and safer, but we had to give it a go - computers would ensure nothing could go wrong…go wrong..go wrong…..

We got away with it just…

Recording Notes

This was again recorded on my trusted JVC portable cassette, but this time we had a decent mixing desk and it was connected to the monitor port. What you hear is what went out of the PA.

The 'stuff' on stage comprised of a studio grade DAT, Cakewalk sequencer with about three different MIDI sound modules, Yamaha keyboards, Marshall guitar amps, all into a very powerful PA. This was, in effect, an outdoor gig so it had to be loud. No commercial backing tracks were used - we made what we needed ourselves.

  1. Breathe/Time Medley
  2. Children
  3. Mad about you
  4. Jealous guy
  5. Lost in your eyes
  6. A great day for freedom
  7. Last of the Mohicans
  8. Fields of gold
  9. Wonderful tonight
  10. Samba pa ti
  11. Probably me
  12. Knocking on heaven's door
  13. Brain damage / Eclipse

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