After The Fire at The Dutch House


Back in the early to mid 1970's I helped out a mobile disco set-up that supported live bands at three regular venues, alongside the corporate function and wedding stuff we used to get involved with. My role was mainly technical, trying to keep it all going in circumstances that wouldn't even be considered now. Dodgy power supplies were the least of our worries, getting there at all was most important.

Most bands were just about entertaining, some were really awful (but then later surprisingly became successful) and others really shone. After The Fire (later just A.T.F.) were one such band and I was lucky enough to be allowed to record a warm up set they did at the Dutch House in Mottingham, South East London, in preparation for a later gig at the Marquee Club.

The tracks I recorded appeared on a self financed album in 1978 called Signs of Change which never really saw the light of day, until it was re-released as a CD much later.

More on After The Fire can be found here

Recording Notes

This was done with two electret microphones, one each side of the audience, recording into a JVC portable stereo cassette recorder. I still have this machine and it is still better than the overpriced audiophile fashion-items that followed it. But then we never thought that Vinyl would come back…

  1. Keyboard Solo
  2. Help
  3. Pilgrim
  4. Dreamaway
  5. Back to the Light
  6. Dance of the Marrionette
  7. Choice

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