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Lighting controller
Our high-end DMX lighting controller with customisable touchscreen(s) interface alongside physical control surfaces. It can be remote controlled by sound or by a wireless control surface. This is based around a micro-PC and open-source software.

LBS-LC-Mk1 Brochure
LBS-LC-Mk1 Design notes
Black boxes
Sometimes it is not possible to buy what is needed, maybe because the commercial offerings are 'over the top' and over priced accordingly, or because what you need is different. This is common when dealing with interfaces between the various connection methods and protocols used in the media industry. One day they might standardise, but until then we build black box interfaces.

LBS-RB-Mk1 Relay boxes
LBS-UPB-Mk1 Universal power board
Music box
Our mixer unit used for small acoustic gigs and disco' type work. It is capable of handling a single wireless microphone and wireless instrument ideal for the solo artist. It also has a media player and touch-screen based 'disco' capability for background music and backing tracks. All interfaces are wireless so this unit can be placed out of the way and operated remotely. Coupled with our lighting controller plus a suitable PA it can form the technical baseline for most parties.

Capture suite
We have designs for effective capture of multitrack audio and multi-camera video, both live and studio based, indoors or out.

Audio video capture capabilities
Post production suite
We can share the designs for the audio visual post production facilities that we use.

Post production capabilities

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