Simple audio capture
In its simplest form we have a very portable Sony audio recorder which can be used standalone or with a Sony stereo microphone. This can record in MP3, or WAV format. Results from this are far better than using a smartphone, which is the other option. Recording quality, as with more complex set-ups, is highly dependant on the recording environment and less so on the equipment used.

Live audio capture
We are able to record 8 track audio live at very high quality using our own capture equipment, which could be a Zoom R16 mobile recorder, or for the best quality a Digital Audio Workstation connected via our Focusrite Scarlet 8 track interface. More typically however we would connect directly to a digital mixer such as the Behringer X32 and capture as many tracks as are being used.

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LEFT - 16 channel Behringer mixing desk with Focusrite 8 channel audio interface below.
ABOVE - Korg and Yamaha keyboard controllers with a Korg Trinity rack synthesiser.
RIGHT - Some guitar amplifiers
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Studio capture
We have a small sound deadened recording studio large enough to accommodate up to three people with limited equipment (no drum kits). We have a range of guitar amplifiers and two keyboard controllers that can drive a Korg TrinityR synthesiser or a multitude of soft-synths. We also have a studio grade vocal effects unit that can auto-harmonise. Audio capture in the studio uses the same set-up as recording live.

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