Audio production
Our audio post production suite comprises of Apple's Logic Pro with a Behringer control surface. We use Tannoy near field monitors as well as headphones when stereo mixing as we find near fields give us a better feel when creating the final mix. We are venturing into 4.1 audio mixing onto DVD-A, and have added a further two near filed monitors at the rear and a 'Bass Bin'.

This is our implementation, however the basic design could be implemented across different computing platforms, control surfaces and sound equipment.

Video production
We use Apple's Final Cut Pro with a linked tablet based control surface for our main video production, along with 'Motion' to add video effects. We can handle multi-track audio and create surround-sound productions given suitable input material. We typically export to the web for initial publication.

Graphics and artwork
To make a totally produced package often some graphics and artwork is needed. We have a small light-box, soft-boxes, a mini tent, backdrops for use with a DSLR camera. We use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Apple's Photo to manipulate images, although there are some other specialist manipulation tools available to us. We have the necessary art and graphics skills available to us in-house. That said, for still photographic promo shots we would use a professional photographer who is much better at it than us!

We mainly publish to the web. We use Rapidweaver as our web design tool with stacks to provide the major functionality. This is Apple based however there are many others out there, some being cross-platform (and some are even free!!). We can host our own web sites but for main publication we use GoDaddy business servers, mainly for speed and resilience.

In all cases we can discuss and assist you with a solution that would best meet your requirements. We generally do not get involved in post production of material where we have not had any previous involvement in the production phase, but that is always open to negotiation.

We do not store or share any information about visitors to our website. Any request from this website to a third party will be made anonymously. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.

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