Location video capture
We use the following cameras as appropriate when filming on location:-
- Sony RX10 DSLR with camera frame, light, Rode shotgun microphone.
- GoPro Hero5 action camera with stereo microphone
- Zoom H3 'Handy Cam' associated with a HDMI recorder. Primarily used for high quality audio (with SD video)
- iPhone6/10 with Rode shotgun microphones

Stabilisation is provided by different camera frames for DSLR and iPhones / GoPro
. We also use tripods and monopods, a counterweight gimbal, and an electronic stabiliser for smartphones / action cameras.

Additional monitoring is provided by a HD 7" HDMI screen, usually attached to the Sony DSLR, but can be used with the GoPro. The HDMI recorder used with the Zoom also has a 7" screen. The built-in screens on smartphones are sufficient when they are used.

It is our experience that moving the camera to get different camera angles and positions makes far more interesting video than static or panned shots.

Film set capture
Our film sets to date have been in a closed studio using two DSLR HD video cameras. Initially we used a Nikon D5300, fixed mounted on a tripod with a fluid head, and latterly we added a Sony RX10 mounted in a camera frame on a slider. Both are linked to the same external sound source feeding both stereo channels to make post production easier.

Video foldback is fed directly from the cameras to local viewing screens. We can monitor (silently) and playback any take immediately to all involved in production for review via a medium sized screen and high quality sound system which are permanent studio fixtures.

We have a full studio lighting rig, mainly DMX controlled. Much of this can be removed for location or stage use with additional wiring. We also have some lighting effects such as colour change, moving water and flicker.

The studio has blackout curtains and backdrops on frames and / or rollers. Green and white backdrops are normally mounted on rollers which lower in front of a wide black theatre screen. Wide white or green screens are options, but unlike rollers they are not quick to set up.

A Throne of Shadows episodes 1-3 - released 31 October - 02 November 2018
Full release, December 2018

Cameras usually record direct to internal memory, however we can also capture video signals from camera monitor outputs direct to an external disk. Occasionally we convert the video output from a camera to USB to record directly into a video production program although this is not our preferred route except in specialist circumstances.

We store and archive backups both on and off site for data security purposes, releasing the original media to the client. We never use the backup copies without permission.

We do not store or share any information about visitors to our website. Any request from this website to a third party will be made anonymously. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.