We have the expertise and equipment to make high quality videos.

Our range of cameras cater for most situations; anything from standard studio interviews to low light special effects, and from slowly panned landscapes to high speed action footage. All of our cameras are capable of Ultra High Definition (UHD) video capture at fast frame rates (to reduce 'judder')..
Sound is as, if not more, important than the picture. We use a range of microphones best suited to the situation. Shotgun microphones capture dialogue well and can reject background noise, whilst wide angle stereo arrays capture ambience best. We capture sound via high quality audio interfaces onto as many channels as are needed for the production. We rarely (exclusively) use a camera's internal microphones.
Lighting is also extremely important and can set the 'feel' of a production. We have a comprehensive set of stage and video lights, plus the controlling equipment, staging and wiring for live use. Our studio is pre-wired with the flexibility to quickly change the lighting that is needed.

Although we cannot provide a stage as such we can compliment what you have with stage flats, backdrops, lights and some limited portable power.

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