Video cameras
We use the following cameras as appropriate when filming:-
- Sony RX10 DSLR with remote control and daylight operations rig.
- GoPro Hero5 action camera with rugged aluminium camera and filter holders.
- iPhone XS (512GB) with FILMIC capture software
All are potentially 4K resolution (max) with optical zoom on the DSLR. All can potentially be remote controlled via an iOS device although we tend not to use this facility.

Stabilisation is provided by different camera holders (frames)
. We also use tripods and monopods, a counterweight gimbal, and an electronic gimbal stabiliser.

We use a jib with a remote monitor to extend the GoPro 'reach', plus a general purpose camera slider, all to provide controlled camera movement.

Additional monitoring is provided by a screen attached to the DSLR, plus via a custom unit which provides audio and video splitting from any attached camera.

It is our experience that handheld and controlled movment of the camera to get different camera angles and positions makes far more interesting video than static or panned shots. In post production we can synchronise audio and video from multiple sources, and we can emulate movement (and even camera shake) if required.

Sound capture
All our cameras support stereo audio via internal microphones, however we prefer to use external sound sources via audio interfaces as the sound is much better and more controllable.

We have the following microphone options which can all be stand, camera, or boom mounted.
- Rode NT4 shotgun
- Rode mini shotgun style - designed for smartphones
- Sony stereo condenser
- Behringer C1 studio mic'
- Several vocal and instrument microphones for general purpose use..

These microphones are connected to the cameras either directly, via a Zoom R16 multitrack recorder or via a Steinberg U11 USB interface (with Apple lightening camera adapter if using an iPhone). We prefer to maximise the camera's audio potential by capturing two separate audio channels rather than stereo. These can be split and multitrack synchronised in post production.

NEW to our sound setup is a stereo radio mic system that will allow a mixing desk or mobile microphones to be connected to a camera stereo audio input. This should allow live music to be video'd and the audio track captured directly from the sound desk in real time., hence eliminating the need to sync' the soundtrack during post production.

In addition to direct sound capture into the cameras we record to audio capture devices, specifically a stereo Sony PCM recorder or the Zoom multitrack recorder mentioned above. These devices would typically be connected directly to a sound mixing desk with the recorded sounds synchronised with video at post production.

We have a full studio lighting rig, mainly DMX controlled. Much of this can be removed for location or stage use with additional wiring. We also have some lighting effects such as colour change, moving water and flicker. For outside we have waterproof footlights, lighting frames, plus a 200W LED flood on a high extending pole. We also have a follow-spot for stage work.

NEW to our lighting capabilities are 8 x DMX dimmer controlled 100W LED daylight floods suitable for overhead and front of stage illumination

Stage sets
The larger studio has blackout curtains and backdrops on frames and / or rollers. Green and white backdrops are normally mounted on rollers which lower in front of a wide black theatre screen. Wide white or green screens are options, but unlike rollers they are not quick to set up.

The smaller studio can be totally blacked out and is suitable for small special effects.

We have a number of 7' x 4' stage flats as the foundation for stage sets, plus six 6'x3' grills for hangings and backdrop framework.

In the studio we are well equipped for mains power, with IEC (Commando), IEC (kettle) and domestic 13amp outlets. Outside we have very long 15amp IEC extenders with suitable adapters. We also have a custom power box that silently provides 230v AC, 12v DC and 5v DC via a large 12v leisure battery. This will power small equipment, battery chargers, and lighting for a limited time depending on load.

All cameras, small monitors, and sound interfaces can be battery powered.

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