We have self standing frames (below right) with black, white or green backdrops for exhibition, photographic and video use. We also have T-Bar lighting rigs fitted with 50mm horizontal booms, and a 12' pre-wired 50mm lighting bar that can be hung from stage trusses (below left). All other staging we borrow or hire as required.

We can provide portable, battery based mains power for limited LED lighting and small electronic equipment.

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The lower of the two rows of rear lights at Cudham Craic 2018 were hung from the rear stage truss. These lights are lightweight LED fixtures, just as bright as the traditional incandescents on the truss above.
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Sevenoaks Art Club exhibiting at the Shoreham Heavy Horse Show in 2018.


We have a small mobile 'Music Box' comprising of a 6 channel mixer with 4 microphone channels (two wireless) and two further stereo line level channels. Coupled to these are a media player capable of playing from CDs, USB sticks, or SD cards and a streaming music receiver with Airplay capability. This can deliver stereo output, or mono (more usual with a PA) in 'disco mode' where a PFL channel can be provided via the unit's wireless foldback. Separately it can be connected to a 400W PA amplifier to power two small passive 'speakers, each mounted on a 35mm pole stand. We also have a larger mixer which is less portable plus numerous mic's if needed. Most of our sound equipment is available for loan or hire.

We can hire active 'speakers or bigger passive ones for a larger event, or a complete PA rig for large venues / festivals / theatres.

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Music Box rear panel with radio mic' receivers (top), connectors and mode switches (middle) and power input lead (bottom)
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Front panel showing the wireless foldback transmitter (top), media player with USB stick inserted (middle) and 6 channel mixer (bottom).
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Separate power amplifier


Eight PAR64 and six PAR56 LED fixtures are the makings of an impressive lighting display. Add two moving lights, a UV cannon, smoke and a stage blinder all controlled by our programmable lighting desk to complete the show. Importantly for outdoor events (and for some indoors as well) some of our footlights are rain and beer resistant.

Most of our lighting is available for hire through
Lightrics who can also provide professional theatre lighting design.

Ladybird Lighting Controller set up for 'A Throne Of Shadows' film set. It shows the touchscreen and physical controls on the Korg Nano-Kontrol2. Actions on the sliders, buttons and knobs are reflected on the screen image. The keyboard provides a touchpad for manual control of moving fixtures (not used on this occasion) plus additional buttons for programme changes.

The only external connection in this set-up is a mains lead as the DMX connection is wireless.

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Web view of QLC+ Lighting Control software, shown here on an iPad. It provides touch control of all sliders and buttons in parallel with the main controller. Note that knobs on the main screen are represented by sliders on the iPad - a small price to pay for the convenience of remote control


Sound control can be customised for the event using a selection of mixers, players and vocal / instrument microphones as required. Talk to us about your requirements.

Lighting control is primarily from our custom desk (see above), but we also have a Transcension Commander 384 and a Chauvet Obey3 standalone control desks for simple tasks. DMX control can be wired up to 70m fully buffered or wireless up to 1Km (although I wouldn't risk it that far). Our lighting controller can be remote controlled via a standard web interface.

We do not store or share any information about visitors to our website. Any request from this website to a third party will be made anonymously. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.

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