Ladybird Lighting

***. We can provide event lighting for stage, film and theatre. We require that a power supply is provided. The only high current fixture we use is a DMX controlled incandescent stage blinder (and this isn't always necessary)

Lighting Control
Two standalone DMX controllers work together through a merger to provide a highly resilient and flexible control unit. These are:-
- A custom computer controller based around the QLC+ software platform
- A standalone commercial controller providing 24 controls over 512 DMX channels
These work together via a MIDI interface and a merger to provide a single DMX output.

Two other controllers make live events easier to manage
- A basic DMX controller housed in the stage box used to set DMX addresses and test functionality prior to rigging
- A 3 channel controller associated with a follow spot, making that fixture easier to operate at high level

A schematic and more details of the controller design will be found here.
A description of its capabilities will be found here

Main lighting fixtures
The main fixtures in our arsenal are DMX controlled LED lights. These are RGB or RGBW fixtures equipped with 50mm mounting brackets. They provide both stage illumination and lighting effects
Alongside these are DMX dimmer controlled daylight white LED floodlights to primarily provide basic stage illumination.

For studio use we have two photographic soft boxes and four 50W LED daylight strip lights

The main non-lighting effect is a small smoke generator
Other effects include a follow spot, UV lights, pin spot, RGB ribbon and moving lights

Connected to the controller via a radio link or cable is a stage box, from which power and DMX signals can be distributed to the four corners of the stage via 'stage pods'. The overall objective it to make the stage end very quick to set up and tidy at ground level. Most power connection at ground level uses 16amp 'commando' connections, changing to 10amp C-type 'kettle' connecting to fixtures. Neither are fused and both are IP rated, with protection being provided once per circuit.

We have a 12' pre-wired lighting pole which can be pre-rigged and attached to stage trusses, plus some tripod lighting stands. Generally everything is designed to work with 50mm tubing.

Uncontrolled lighting
We have increasingly found that lighting is required at events that is nothing to do with the stage, primarily for audience and artist's comfort and safety. We have a small portfolio of task lights and infrastructure that can be deployed if the venue is lacking these.

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