Audio / Video

Sample videos have been published. We are awaiting the master audio multitrack before these can mixed and synchronised with the video footage.


Cudham Craic 2018
Various artists
Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black
Operator: Keith Balderson

AThOS - Hamlet
Video production for the Web

All major filming complete. A small number of additional shots, video effects and audio mix needs completing after the main post production is completed (at TiredBees).

Screenshots. (Opens in new window)
AThOS (A Throne of Shadows home page)

Dear Chocolate Soldier - Historia Theatre Company
Video of production at St Hugh's College, Oxford

The teaser promotional video is complete and loaded on the theatre company's web-site. A full version is yet to be completed, plus there is a possibility of reworking the full version at future rehearsals to make it more commercial
Historia Theatre Company website

Knockstock 2019
Audio / Video / Lighting

A direct feed from the sound-desk monitor-out was mixed with video taken on our Sony RX10 and an iPhoneXS to create finished video recordings of this event. The initial pre-release had audio recorded directly onto the camera and will be updated at a later date.

The initial pre-release video of all artists can be viewed from the page
A video montage of the performance by The Dylan Band can be viewed

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