KnockStock 2019

KnockStock music Festival - 13 July 2019 at The Three Horseshoes, Knockholt, Kent.

This video is published on
YouTube here in an area where you will need to know the link to find it. I have done it this way, rather than sharing the link because it is an ongoing project that will be periodically updated. If I shared the link I would have to re-share a new one every time I update the video (having deleted the old version). As I have no idea who the link has been forwarded to this is totally unworkable (thank you YouTube).

Also I like to publicise what Ladybird Studios does !!!

I was asked by one of the bands to video and photograph their performance and duly obtained permission from the organisers to video the whole event. I was also asked to provide some stage lighting, having helped with that last year at Cudham Craic. So that is why anyone there this year saw me sharing my time between cameras and the lighting console.

I had three cameras. The main one that looked the part is a Sony mirrorless digital camera with lots of bolt-on frames and a specialist viewfinder so that it can be used in sunlight. The other main one was an iPhoneXS (set to 4K video at 60fps for the technically minded)
mounted on an electronic stabiliser. A few shots were taken on a GoPro which is my backup in case it rained.

The video published today (15 July) has been edited to join up some of the clips taken on the day. I was also recording the event from the sound desk and will sync the recorded sounds with the video over the coming weeks so that what you will hear on the video is what came out of the PA. As you can hear, as I moved around with the camera the sound varied because of my position in relation to the 'speakers, often with me being behind them. That can sound a bit muffled and wierd.

Anyway, please enjoy and share with anyone you like. The link to my site and this page will remain the same regardless of the version of the video that has been published.

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